Medium-term Management Plan

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The 8th Medium-term Management Plan "Shinka 2020"FY2018~FY2020

Basic Policy

Improvement of corporate value by business style "Shinka" (advancement, deepening, and true value)

Group-wide Main Strategy

Main Strategy 1

Achieve "Shinka" in the distribution business,aiming for further growth

In addition to aiming for further expansion of market share, we intend to make our operations more sophisticated and improve profitability and productivity.

Main Strategy 2

Create business networks to strengthen the manufacturing business

We will promote the creation of original products and works in the competitive market, and take on the challenge of new entertainment areas with a view to alliances with other companies.

Main Strategy 3

Actively try new businesses

With entertainment as our core, we will work on research and development of new businesses that respond to various market needs without confining ourselves to our existing business areas.