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We are aiming for further growth so that we can earn stable and continuous profit as a comprehensive entertainment trading company.President and Chief Operating OfficerSeiichi Enomoto


I would like to express my gratitude to all our shareholders for their great support.

Under our Group Vision that "Happinet Group contributes to making people happy," we will continue to develop a business that responds to the needs of ever more people through the entertainment business and delivers "dreams."
We will make efforts to foresee changes in the environment, make maximum use of our business base, advance daily with our mid- and long-term future in mind, and continue to grow and develop the Group.
With the rapidly changing business environment, I feel that it is an urgent task for the entertainment industry to demonstrate more flexibility and mobility in management capabilities than ever before as this challenging market environment continues.
We will further strengthen our management structure and promote efforts to maximize the corporate value of the Happinet Group.

About the 8th Medium-term Management Plan

The Group has formulated its 8th Medium-term Management Plan "Shinka 2020" for the three years from fiscal 2018.

Under the slogan "Shinka 2020" in the 8th Medium-term Management Plan, we will aim to further "Shinka" (advancement, deepening, and true value) of the distribution business by expanding the products we handle, our distribution market share, and our sophistication of operation.
Furthermore, we will "deepen" the network we've built so far, build new networks, carry out initiatives that make full use of the synergies of our four major businesses, and strengthen our manufacturer business to create "true value" as an entertainment company and improve our corporate value.

About Shareholder Return

We will continue to strive to further enhance our presence in the market while maintaining stability to maximize our corporate value.

We consider the profit status of each business year and future business development in a comprehensive and medium to long term manner, and actively invest in areas with high future potential and profitability, such as business alliances and development investment for new businesses. We intend to enhance our retained earnings and distribute appropriate dividends in order to establish a stronger management base.
Going forward, as a comprehensive entertainment trading company dealing with many product fields, we will expand our broad business portfolio and continue to strive to further enhance our presence in the market while maintaining stability to maximize our corporate value.

I sincerely ask our shareholders for their continued support and encouragement in the future.