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Who are Happinet?

We are a leading intermediate distributor for entertainment products.

Role of intermediate distribution business

  • If manufacturers and retailers make a direct deal… Trading is 3 × 3 = 9
  • If an intermediate distribution business intervenes… Trading is 3 + 3 = 6

Benefits for manufacturers and retailers

  • Work volume/Cost reduction (logistics / Personnel cost)
  • Reduce inventory risk
  • Obtain information (sales/consumer/market information)
  • Reduction of environmental impact such as CO2

Happinet's Strengths

Number of business partners

Manufacturers About 700 Retailers About 1,200

We purchase various products, sell them to various channels, and deliver entertainment products widely to our business partners as an intermediate distribution business.

Four businesses

Toys:34.8% Visual & Music:26.0% Video games:32.0% Amusement:7.2%

We have built a strong earnings base in the entertainment industry by conducting a wide range of businesses unlike any other company.

FY2022 Sales results

Provide added value

Create added value

As added value, we provide information that is useful for product development and production quantity reviews, such as sales situation and consumer needs to manufacturers. For retailers, we plan proposals for sales floors and events that make full use of the characteristics of the stores.

Expansion of business areas

In addition to our intermediate distribution business, we are also implementing initiatives aimed at securing new earnings bases, such as the planning and production of original products and video works.

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Shareholder Benefits

Stable dividends and fulfilling shareholder benefits

We consider the profit status of each business year and future business development in a comprehensive and medium to long term manner, and secure internal reserves for actively invest in areas with high future potential and profitability, such as business alliances and development investment for new business development, and establish a stronger management base. In addition, we positions the return of profits to shareholders as one of our key management indicators and pay appropriate dividends. Specifically, we are maintaining stable annual dividend payments of ¥50 per share, and targets the consolidated dividend payout ratio at a level of 40%.

Shareholder special offers you can choose!

From our shareholder special benefit catalog, we present original and exclusive sales products according to the number of shares held. In addition, for shareholders who hold 500 or more shares, we present a "Child's gift certificate" according to the number of shares held.

Number of shares held
100 shares or more to less than 500 shares

1 item of your choice from the shareholder special benefit catalog

Number of shares held
500 shares or more to less than 1,000 shares

Two items of your choice from the shareholder special benefit catalog and a "Child's gift certificate" worth 2,000 yen

Number of shares held
1,000 shares or more

Three items of your choice from the shareholder special benefit catalog and a "Child's gift certificate" worth 5,000 yen

One example of shareholder special benefit products for the fiscal year ended March 2023