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Happinet’s Network of Logistics Centers Enabling Agile Response to Various Market Demands.

The Happinet Group has three logistics centers, "Happinet Logistics Center - Ichikawa," "Happinet Logistics Center - Funabashi" and "Happinet Logistics Center - Higashiosaka," that operate as core distribution bases.
 While adapting swiftly and flexibly to the market environment, we aim to provide even greater added value to logistics by responding to the needs of customers nationwide through real-time and highly accurate inventory management, as well as swift and efficient shipping, etc.

We are committed to responding nimbly and with high quality to diversifications in the merchandise we handle and the needs of our customers. To fulfill this promise, the Group works tirelessly day by day to enhance processing capacity by implementing leading-edge solutions, such as high-speed automated piece sorters, robotic sorters, and automated packing machines.

Robotic Sorter; t-Sort

t-Sort is a type of small automated guided vehicle (AGV). It is a next-generation robotic sorter system that can carry and sort products. When shipping documents or products that need to be sorted are placed on the robot’s loading platform, the robot then moves along a special sheet and automatically carries and sorts the items (up to 52 items) without any errors.

Automated Packing Machine; BOS-Line

This packaging line can automate tasks such as shrink wrapping, box making, sealing, and labeling, and can automatically select the best-sized box for each product from among four sizes. Not only is the processing speed much faster than manual processing (up to 350 to 400 packages per hour), but it can also reduce the amount of packaging used by optimizing delivery and using shrink wrap.

Logistics Center Overview

Happinet Logistics Center - Ichikawa

  • Address17-18 Futamatashinmachi, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba
  • StructureSteel frame
  • Land Area13,081 m² (1 Floor: 7,600 m²)
  • Total Floor Area24,741 m²
  • Warehouse22,862 m² (three-story)
  • Administrative Wing1,879 m²

Happinet Logistics Center - Funabashi

  • Address7F, MFLP Funabashi I, 2-5-7 Hamacho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba
  • StructureReinforced concrete
  • Total Floor Area20,093 m²
    (Includes 483 m² administrative space)

Happinet Logistics Center - Higashiosaka

  • Address3F and 4F, SG Realty Higashiosaka, 1-10 Yoshitashimojima, higashiosaka-shi, Osaka
  • StructureSteel frame
  • Total Floor Area20,734 m²
    (Includes 515 m² administrative space)