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We make full use of our logistics bases and respond quickly to various requests.

In the Happinet Group, in order to respond to the diversification of the products we handle and customer's needs with high quality and speed, we work to improve our process capabilities every day such as introducing advanced approaches and equipment such as high-speed automatic piece sorters and digital picking systems.

As the core bases for logistics, we operate the three bases, "Happinet Logistics Center - Ichikawa," "Happinet Logistics Center - Funabashi," and "Happinet Logistics Center - Amagasaki."
We will continue to respond quickly and flexibly to the market environment while meeting customers' needs such as for real-time and high-precision inventory management and prompt and appropriate shipments by utilizing our nationwide logistics bases, and we aim to provide high-value logistics services.

Logistics Center Overview

Happinet Logistics Center - Ichikawa

  • Address17-18 Futamata-Shinmachi, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba
  • StructureSteel frame
  • Land Area13,081 m² (1 Floor: 7,600 m²)
  • Total Floor Area24,741 m²
  • Warehouse22,862 m² (three-story)
  • Administrative Wing1,879m²

Happinet Logistics Center - Funabashi

  • AddressMFLP Funabashi I 7th Floor, 2-5-7 Hamacho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba
  • StructureReinforced concrete
  • Total Floor Area20,093m²
    (Includes 483 m² administrative space)

Happinet Logistics Center - Amagasaki

  • AddressGLP Amagasaki 3rd/5th Floor, 231-2 Nishimukojimacho, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo
  • StructureReinforced concrete
  • Total Floor Area23,944m²
    (Includes 1,238 m² administrative space)