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To advance our own growth while contributing to society, the Happinet Group clarifies its mission and long-term objectives in the Group Vision.

Group Vision

The Happinet Group provides “happiness networking.”
By creating new entertainment styles, we bring a wide range of delights to people,
creating dreams for a better future.

Management Stance

We constantly anticipate changes and reinvent ourselves to open up new business opportunities.

Our stance toward customers

We partner with our customers to satisfy their needs.

Our stance toward our employees

We respect each and every employee, create opportunities for them to grow and challenge themselves,
nurturing an environment that brings purpose and fulfillment to work.

Our stance toward society

Through business activities built on strong business-ethics foundations, we contribute to a fun and vibrant society.

Our stance toward shareholders

We disclose information proactively to enhance transparent management,
earn the trust of shareholders and live up to their expectations.

Principles of Conduct

Before all action, we ask ourselves, “What is important? And what is right?”