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We are Strengthening Sales Support to Build a Sales Network in the Industry's Top Class

Happinet's sales network is in the top class of the industry as an intermediate distributor, supporting its sales in the DVD and CD markets. In addition to handling intermediate distribution, Happinet produces its own films, animated TV features and products, and obtains exclusive sales licenses for a range of products.

Characteristics of the Visual & Music Business

The visual & music industry is one in which perennial favorites can sell well for many years. Advantage accrues to distributors that boast a large library of titles. To respond to the needs of a diverse range of consumers, it is vital to create an attractive selling environment, by applying market intelligence from a wide range of manufacturers.

Happinet's Advantages

Top Market Share as an Intermediate Distributor in the Visual & Music Industry

As an intermediate distributor of Visual & Music software, Happinet has built its reputation creating attractive selling environments that support the diverse needs of consumers. This track record has earned us the support of retailers, enabling us to build a sales network in the top class of the industry.

Outstanding Efficiency

Happinet uses Web tools to integrate proposals and information on new releases, shipping and receiving information, sales-promotion information and other market intelligence, to construct highly efficient operations.

Planning and Producing high-quality video works

By producing its own films and animated features, Happinet participates not only as an intermediate distributor but also as a producer. Our superb production capability enables us to release a steady stream of high-quality products.