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Happinet's Business Areas

Happinet is a comprehensive entertainment trading company with top market share in all four fields of toys, Visual & Music, video games, and amusement. Because of our company's information capabilities and our own logistics system strengths, we bring out the advantages of each manufacturer and retailer.

We purchase various items

The optimal "product" at the optimum "date and time."

Based on information from manufacturers and retailers that we knew only because we are an intermediate distribution business, we capture the sales situation of products that change day by day and secure and supply inventory so as not to miss sales opportunities. While making full use of industry-leading logistics systems, we deliver timely shipping works with high precision and deliver products to shops nationwide.

We sell to various channels

The optimal "information" with optimal "timing."

Based on the information that we capture by making full use of the industry's top sales support system, we examine the selling points of products and consider sales methods that respond to different needs for retailers and their stores. We plan elements such as the display method and sales growth method of products and realize proposals at the optimal timing.

Business Segments

  • Toys

    Happinet sells boys'and girls'toys, electronic toys, trading cards and other toys.

  • Visual & Music

    The Company sells video and music software, with emphasis on the DVD and CD markets; produces its own line of products; and acquires products for exclusive sale.

  • Video Games

    Happinet sells consumer game software and hardware and related peripheral equipment launched on the Japanese market.

  • Amusements

    Happinet installs and operates capsule-toy vending machines and sells an array of amusement-related products.

The core of each business is our "optimized distribution system" that connects manufacturers and retailers

Together with Manufacturers

  • We Enable Predictable Sales

    We predict sales based on information fed back from retailers and provide reference data for deciding production quantities.

  • We obtain sales and consumer information

    We provide up-to-date information useful for product development including sales data and consumer needs.

  • Information supply in real time

    We reflect the information on shipment quantity and stock quantity when placing an order in real time and share it with manufacturers.

Together with retailers

  • Proposals to create sales floors that utilize the characteristics of stores

    We plan and propose sales floors, promotions, and events, etc. making full use of the characteristics of each store.

  • Product supply to catch every opportunity

    We keep an appropriate amount of stock and deliver products from our industry leading logistics centers.

  • Product orders that consider sales conditions

    Our sales staff manage the different sales situations of each store. We accept orders while adjusting the schedule and quantity.

  • Collection of market information

    We collect and analyze what and how much has been sold, what consumers are asking for, and the changing market conditions on a daily basis.