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The Happinet Group's Business Areas

The Happinet Group is a comprehensive entertainment trading company that boasts either top or near-top market share in each of its four main businesses of toys; visual and music; video games; and amusements.
 Leveraging its unique market intelligence and proprietary logistics systems, Happinet applies the strengths of each of its partner manufacturers and retailers to maximum advantage.

We purchase various items

The Right Product at the Right Time

As an intermediate distributor, Happinet is uniquely positioned to gather information from both manufacturers and retailers. Based on that intelligence, we analyze the daily shifts in product sales to secure and supply the necessary inventory, to never miss a sales opportunity.
 We drive logistics systems that are second to none in the industry to perform precise and timely shipments, delivering products to stores across Japan.

We sell to various channels

The Right information with the Right Timing

Happinet captures information through some of the most effective sales-support systems in the industry. Drawing on that information, we look carefully at the sales strength of each product to determine sales methods that best respond to the varying needs of each store and retailer.
 We meticulously plan product display methods, sales development methods, and other strategies and make our proposals with the right timing.

The Happinet Group’s Four Businesses

  • Toy Business

    Sales of toys, trading cards, and other related products as well as planning, production, and sales of original toys

  • Visual & Music Business

    Sales of video and music software (DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs); planning, production, distribution, and promotion of video works; and planning and production of music content

  • Video-Game Business

    Sales of home gaming devices, software, and related accessories; planning and production of game software; and planning, manufacture, and sales of game-related merchandize

  • Amusement Business

    Installation and operation of capsule-toy vending machines and sales of arcade game machines and accessories

Optimal Distribution Systems That Crystallize Our Expertise
as an Intermediate Distributor

Working with Manufacturers

  • Sales Forecasting

    We forecast sales based on feedback from retailers, providing valuable data for use in setting production volumes.

  • Sales and Consumer Data

    We provide our customers with the latest information on sales, consumer needs and much more, furnishing a vital resource for product development.

  • Sharing Information in Real Time

    When products are ordered, Happinet draws on real-time information on quantities shipped, received, and in inventory, and shares this information with manufacturers.

Working with Retailers

  • Proposing Sales Environments That Capitalize on the Characteristics of the Store

    Happinet plans and proposes sales environments that capitalize on the characteristics of each store, as well as promotions, events, and other sales strategies.

  • Product Supply That Never Misses a Business Opportunity

    We maintain appropriate inventories at all times. Happinet supplies products from a logistics center that operates at the top of the industry.

  • Order Acceptance Based on the Status of Sales

    Happinet sales representatives carefully manage the status of sales at each individual store. Sales reps adjust schedules and quantities as they accept orders.

  • Gathering of Market Information

    Which products are selling well? How well are they selling? What do consumers demand? The answers to these questions vary from day to day. Happinet carefully gathers and analyzes this market information.