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Leveraging Overwhelming Sales Capabilities to Propose Effective Sales Environments

Happinet handles intermediate distribution of all consumer-game consoles sold in Japan. Because we handle all game platforms, we excel in proposing effective sales environments. This key strength drives our business expansion.

Characteristics of the Video Games Business

The core function of an intermediate distributor in this business is to source consumer-game consoles and game software from manufacturers and deliver them in timely fashion to retailers throughout Japan. To predict the demand for hit products, such companies must have a merchandizing function (coordination of production and marketing).

Happinet's Advantages

A Unique Intermediate Distributor Handling All Game Consoles in Japan

Happinet is the sole intermediate distributor in Japan for all consumer game consoles sold in Japan, including both non-portable and handheld models.

Low-cost Operation with a Wide Range of Sales Channels

Happinet wins kudos for its ability to propose effective sales environments, thanks to its strengthened ability to forecast order placement and acceptance and product demand. Many products are available only from Happinet.

In-house Software Development

Happinet develops software as a Video Games producer in its own right. We release products that meet the demands of users, constantly strengthening our development capabilities to release a stream of hit products.