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President and Chief Operating Officer Seiichi Enomoto

Determined to be a corporate group that creates value for society through content that connects with people and points to a better future, we are striving to bring “happiness networking” to the next level.

The Happinet Group enriches the lives of millions of people through its entertainment operations, delivering compelling and delightful content. Our aim is to create value for society by crafting dreams of a better tomorrow.

The origin of our company name is “Happiness Networking,” a concept that embodies the business activities of the Happinet Group.

Our mission is a simple one: To contribute to people's happiness. We network with everyone connected to the Group to establish active communications as we strive to propose ideas that enrich modern living.

Our suppliers’ and customers’ needs are incredibly diverse. We constantly serve those needs at the highest level by creating optimal distribution systems that combine the three areas of sales support, logistics, and information. Using these optimal distribution systems as a springboard, we deliver not only value-added logistics but also sales support tailored to consumer needs and timely, accurate information. The Group strives at all times to earn the highest levels of trust from its business partners.

Today and in the future, the Happinet Group uses entertainment to showcase ideas a step ahead of their time. By bringing joy to today and tomorrow through the power of entertainment, we serve our customers with dreams of a better future.

Seiichi Enomoto
Representative Director, President and COO