Sustainability Policy and Promotion System

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Sustainability Policy

“The Happinet Group provides ‘happiness networking.’ By creating new entertainment styles, we bring a wide range of delights to people, creating dreams for a better future.” Based on this Group Vision, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through our corporate activities.

We are a leading intermediate distributor for entertainment products.

Role of intermediate distribution business

Benefits for manufacturers and retailers

  • Work volume/Cost reduction (logistics / Personnel cost)
  • Reduce inventory risk
  • Obtain information (sales/consumer/market information)
  • Reduction of environmental impact such as CO2

Sustainability Promotion System

We established the CSR Promotion Committee in April 2009. In April 2022, we reorganized this committee into the Sustainability Committee chaired by a representative director. Having designated materialities (important issues) for the Happinet Group, and having determined important themes as well as the content of relevant initiatives, we will be moving forward with our efforts in this area with an even greater sense of urgency.
 The Board of Directors will provide appropriate supervision of the progress of the Sustainability Committee’s activities, as well as direction with regard to awareness of and response to the Group’s issues.

Diagram of Sustainability Promotion System