Corporate Information

Management Plan

The Eighth Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2018-FY2020)

Group-wide Main Policy:Improve corporate value through “Shinka” (advancement, deepening, and true value of business style)

Under the belief of “Contribute to the realization of people’s happiness,” Happinet Group aims to provide prosperous lifestyles while actively communicating (networking) with various involved parties surrounding the Group.

In the 8th mid-term management plan, we will have the slogan “Shinka2020” and aim for further “Shinka” (advancement, deepening, and true value) of the distribution business through expanded product lines and distribution share as well as advanced operations.

Furthermore, we will deepen the existing network that we have established and aim to create true value as an entertainment company and improve our corporate value through the establishment of new networks, efforts that make use of the synergy effects among our four main businesses, and the strengthening of the manufacturing business.

Group-wide Main Strategy 1

Achieve “Shinka” in the distribution business,aiming for further growth

Group-wide Main Strategy 2

Create business networks to strengthen the manufacturing business

Group-wide Main Strategy 3

Actively try new businesses