CSR Activities

CSR Principles

CSR Philosophy / Basic CSR Policy

CSR Philosophy

The Happinet Group Vision represents the primary signpost pointing the way toward the CSR outcomes that the Happinet Group aims to achieve. Our Group Vision includes the words "happiness networking," which means we pursue constructive communication among all stakeholders to help achieve a happy life for everyone. The Group Vision also states that our business concept revolves around generating added value to realize a more prosperous lifestyle through entertainment. The basic concept underlying our CSR Philosophy is that every employee should at all times be striving to "inspire individuals and build a future full of dreams." Through our corporate activities, we aim continually to put these ideas into practice.

Basic CSR Policy

The Basic CSR Policy of the Happinet Group is centered on an interactive dialogue with stakeholders. In addition, our management stance (outlined in our Group Vision) provides a foundation for our Basic CSR Policy.

Communication with the Environment

Happinet aims to build a business structure that does not waste precious resources. This will be achieved through efforts to further strengthen our marketing system based on an optimal distribution system and by working to ensure sound demand forecasting, appropriate stock levels, and proper business execution.

Communication with Customers

Building on relationships with our business partners, we fulfill our mutual functions and responsibilities and deliver joy and satisfaction to consumers.

Communication with Employees

We respect every employee as an autonomous, independent-minded individual, and we provide training that enables each of them to take on challenges in a voluntary and constructive manner. With the goal of being a company in which employees can take pride, we will create a rewarding work environment.

Communication with Society

The sustainable development of society is essential to the survival of the company. We therefore pay all necessary social costs and carry out all requisite activities as an investment in the future. Furthermore, we operate in a self-regulating way by constantly striving to act with propriety.

Communication with Shareholders

We will increase the transparency of management by disclosing information to the public in a timely manner.