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Management Plan

The Seventh Medium-Term Management Plan

Group-wide Main Policy: Expanding growth further in the distribution business and promoting a focus on core competencies in the manufacturing business

Group-wide Main Strategy 1(Distribution business)

Promoting sustainable growth and expanding business domains, leveraging the strength of business units.
The Group will realize sustainable and profitable growth as an intermediate distributor, making maximum use of its strengths according to the market environment of each business operated by the Group.  
In the toy business, the Group will open up new product domains, making use of its strong expertise as the industry’s largest intermediate distributor. In the amusement business, the Group will venture into the development of new locations and the creation of a business model, leveraging its operation network throughout the country. In the visual and music business and the video game business, the Group will also aim to secure profits by expanding its market share as an intermediate distributor through the further enhancement in its cooperation with manufacturers.

Group-wide Main Strategy 2(Manufacturing business)

Aiming for a new growth stage by increasing earnings through concentration on markets where the Group has advantages.
The Group has provided a broad range of products as a manufacturing business in each area of its operations, such as visual and music, games and toys, etc. To improve earnings further, the Group will make investments in areas with core competencies by identifying categories where the Group will be able to exercise its advantages, such as by consolidating investments in animation in the visual and music business, and make innovative changes in businesses capable of generating stable profits by building a foundation to cultivate human resources.

Group-wide Main Strategy 3(Administration and management system)

Promote the reform of various frameworks to respond to changes in the management and business environments.
To realize the strategies in the distribution business and the manufacturing business, the Group will seek to improve Group-wide efficiency and productivity by promoting the development of mission-critical systems and the sophistication of the distribution system and functions.
The Group will also build a framework to return profits to its stakeholders, making efficient use of its management resources by evolving the business administration system, including organization operations and reforming the personnel system.